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7 Ways to Make Money While You Drive

7 Ways to Make Money While You Drive

Contributions By: Victor Giordano & JW Rayhons


As technology advances new opportunities arise and enable us to do a lot more with what we have. Years ago, if you wanted to make money while driving you would need to join a taxi company, a restaurant to deliver their food or fill up your car with sticker advertisements. Thanks to technology we are able to do a lot more, as well as do the things we were able to do but in different and easier ways.


This method has become a lot more common with the giants Uber and Lyft, but there are other services depending on your area of residence. Ridesharing enables you to work full-time or only occasionally, if you have a job during the week and plans on using the weekend or even nights to make some extra money this may be a great option.

Food Delivery 

Phone apps let customers choose their favorite restaurant that doesn’t have an in-house delivery service, order directly from the app and a driver who is unaffiliated with the restaurant will place the order, pick up, and deliver it. The driver doesn’t need to worry about working under the restaurant conditions instead they can do it full-time or solely as a gig job, whatever may work for you. Companies may vary depending on where you live some of the top companies are DoorDash, UberEats, Grubhub, Yelp Eat 24, and Postmates. 


This is a great way to earn money effortlessly while you drive. There are website and app services that mediate between those who want to advertise and those who want their company advertised. You make money by wrapping up your car in advertising, the amount you make depends on the amount of coverage on your car.

Insurance Savings 

Nowadays there are insurance apps that track by GPS and data your driving habits and enable you to save money on insurance if you drive safely. It is not necessarily a way of making money but a way of keeping the money you make.

Package Delivery 

Amazon project Amazon Flex allows you to earn money to pick up and deliver their packages. This can also be a gig job, because you are able to choose your working schedule.

Child Care 

Some app services allow you to work with school and parents. Facilitating the transit to and from school of children who may have difficulty with transportation Check out Care.com, SitterCity, and UrbanSitter. Again be sure to look and see if these companies are in your area.

Grocery Delivery 

With the growth of delivery services, grocery stores and app services innovated the grocery experience. Shopping through your phone and getting it delivered to your door. On the other side of this equation, people are able to sign-up and deliver those groceries with their cars as it fits their schedule. Some great companies to look into if you’re interested would be Instacart, Amazon Fresh, and Shipt.

Although many of these paths of making money while you drive depend on you joining a company, website and/or app service, we can help you get started with the investment account. That way you are able to benefit from more than one of these tips at the same time.


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