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Financial Services Crafted with Character

Our services are designed to get you where you're going so you can spend more time prioritizing people, pursuits, and passions, not just assets. Clients come to us from a variety of backgrounds and circumstances, each with its own unique journeys ahead. Some may be nearing retirement, others may be gaining a sizeable inheritance, each is considering the best use of their resources in order to enjoy the fruit of their success, planning, and effort. Our services are designed to bring confidence and clarity so you can pursue your goals.

Coaching & Advice  

Life is full of big important decisions and our work is to lead people through them. We give our clients the best plan and team for every instance. Here are a few examples of what we can offer: major purchase buy/sell decisions, Gallup strengths assessment and coaching session, complimentary conversations with immediate family, beneficiaries, and successor trustees; debt pay-off strategies and progress updates, insurance review, life circumstance evaluations, and more.  

Inheritance Planning

This unique service sets Rayhons apart from other advisory firms because we specialize in it. While it may not be uncommon to receive a sizeable inheritance, it’s even less common that recipients make the best strategic long-term decisions with the assets. We can help you visualize an ideal future for your family or those you care about, and we can help you gain real momentum on that path so you can capitalize on your windfall.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is a lifelong process. A lot goes into it, but your plan will always be strategic and simple. It will always be based on your specific goals and desires and will leave you feeling confident you’re prepared. How do we plan for life once your paid work ends? We’ll consider multiple strategies and alternatives to ensure we have a solid plan for saving, investment, and distribution of your retirement funds. We’ll also consider future expenses, liabilities, and life expectancy. You’ll have a plan that’s just right for you and all you need to enjoy life. 

Wealth Management

We take a holistic approach to wealth management. It may include investment advice, estate planning, accounting, retirement goals, and tax services. We work frequently with outside experts and professionals (tax, legal, etc.) and only recommend the very best to our clients. Wealth management encompasses all parts of your financial life, and our clients benefit from this integrated approach. 

Financial Planning

Financial planning involves laying out the necessary steps to generate future income and cover future expenses. The financial planning process produces a roadmap that can be followed over time. At Rayhons, it’s strategic and simple. It’s strategic enough to account for your goals, desires, timelines, and resources. But it’s simple enough to understand and follow so you can prioritize your people, pursuits, and passions in life.

Income Protection & Insurance

Preparation for the unexpected can be difficult. But a comprehensive plan is always a weight off your shoulders. Through this process, we'll identify risks that could hurt your financial situation. We'll then assemble a plan with you to help protect you and your loved ones from the negative impacts unforeseen circumstances could have. We discuss a variety of insurance coverage including disability, life, and long-term care. It's a difficult subject to talk through, but you and your family will rest easy knowing there's a plan in place. 

Client Experience

We place the highest priority on people and relationships. Our clients are more than revenue, our team is made up of more than ‘employees’, and our community is more than geography. 

Our Approach

About Rayhons Financial

We’ve assembled a diverse team that offers multiple perspectives and years of experience in the industry. We’re united on your behalf and driven to serve every client to the highest standards. 

Meet the Firm