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Credit card rewards 2021

Credit card rewards 2021

Contributions done by Justin Martz & JW Rayhons 

It is undeniable that credit cards are a part of life. They are a tool we use to help with many daily and unexpected things in life and they have many benefits. Although there can be some downsides to using credit cards incorrectly, “When used responsibly, credit cards can be valuable tools for earning rewards, traveling, handling emergencies or unplanned expenses, and building credit.” But, with so many choices - which one do you choose? Let me offer a few tips on what to look for to pick the best rewards card for you.

What is the annual fee?

Most, but not all, reward cards will have an annual fee to offset some of the reward of the card. Those that do will typically offer a better introductory deal or a better point system. Fees can range from 95.00 annually up into the hundreds. For instance, the American Express Platinum card has an annual fee of 550.00 vs their Blue Cash preferred is 95.00. Most cards have a way to “avoid” or pay for the annual fee through their reward program. 

What initial bonus are they offering?

Most cards have a current offer that you receive for opening the card. These offers will be either points or cash and be dependent on an amount of initial spending within a specified time frame. For instance, the Citi Premier card will give you 60k points if you spend 4k within 3 months, and the Chase Freedom unlimited will give you a 200.00 bonus if you spend 500.00 in the first 3 months. Since these offers vary so much it is really personal preference one which will be best for you and your spending. 

What are their rewards for the things you use the most?

Cards will either offer cash back or points to purchase with (cash is usually included). Depending on if you just want cash or the option to purchase other things you need to decide but more important is the % cash back or multiplier of points for the things you use the most. For instance, the Capitol one SavorOne cash rewards card has 3% on dining and entertainment, 2 % grocery stores and 1 % on all other; whereas the Citi Premier Card includes 3% on Gas, Air Travel and hotels. 

Again, with all the cards availably to you in today’s world be sure to chose the one that will benefit you the most and give the best rewards that out weigh an annual fee, that pay a good initial bonus and you can be rewarded the most for things you use the most.

To help you decide

Here is a list of websites that can help you decide on which ones are best for you: 

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