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Emergency! or Opportunity?

Emergency! or Opportunity?

 By: JW Rayhons

In the new ‘Top Gun – Maverick’ movie, the top fighter pilots in the world are faced with what appears to be an impossible mission. Even if they are able to complete the intense flight pattern for the mission, there is a high probability they will be killed upon exiting the flight pattern. Just the training for the mission itself is extremely intense and carries it’s own set of risks.  

Do you feel like your investments are in the same situation right now? More than likely the value on your statements or when you login has been declining for 6 months (the current “flight pattern” for your investments might feel impossible).

So is it a time of emergency? Or, is it a time of opportunity...

The fighter pilots complete the mission successfully with no casualties (if you haven’t seen the movie yet, I apologize for the spoiler). Though the mission didn’t go according to plan, was anything but easy, took incredible emotional strength, and undoubtedly had moments of intense uncertainty, it also provided an extraordinary opportunity.  


With your investments

Try to look beyond the headlines, blogs, “influencers,” and revisit your own personal “mission” for your investments. What are you truly afraid of? – At first this may sound harsh and I don’t mean it to be. The question comes from a heart of caring and love for helping you. Can you find the real cause of any fear you feel about what’s happening in the market or with your investments right now? If we are honest with each other, it is probably from either a source that doesn’t even know you or from the fear of losing something you’ve earned over years of hard work and sacrifice. Don’t let fear drive your financial decisions.   Identify the opportunity that fits – There are always opportunities around us… even when it appears that the world (and markets) are full of declines and challenges. If you focus on finding opportunities, you will find them. Once you’ve found them, then you have to decide whether any are a fit for you, your goals, and your current financial position.  

Take prudent action – Decision is the precursor of success. Every decision has risks, but there are ways to take disciplined risks. Can you take the actions most people would not take in times of uncertainty?  

There’s more to life than money! The Rayhons Financial family is a team of professionals that want to help you. If you are looking for a financial advisor team focused on your unique financial situation, communicates openly, & that puts you and your goals at the center of the relationship, call us at (480) 507-2425 or contact us online. We’d love to meet you & share in your gratitude.

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