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Terrified of Retirement?

Terrified of Retirement?



How many years have you been looking forward to the day when you can say “See-ya later job. He-llooo Freedom!” ?


Most people I know dream longingly of that day for decades. We write wish lists of all the things we’ll do when we have more time: the hobbies we’ll resume, the relationships we’ll rekindle, the exotic places we’ll visit… and we diligently save our pennies in anticipation. 


But something strange happens when we draw near the finish line. What goes largely unmentioned in all the energy and excitement of planning for retirement is the massive psychological shift of moving from “saving and planning” to “spending and doing.” We begin to wonder, 

  • Will I really feel fulfilled without the daily challenge work provides? 
  • Will I become irrelevant if I am no longer in the formal labor force? 
  • Will I be able to keep in touch with co-workers and friends? 


If you are nearing retirement, you’re probably mentally beginning to wrestle with the reality of how your day-to-day life might look during retirement. Psychological preparation is just as important as your financial planning in this phase. Change, even when long anticipated, can still be a big challenge.


Here are a few questions to generate positive mental planning as you approach your own transition:

  • Every benefit from paid work, other than pay, can be obtained in unpaid activities. What do you most enjoy about your work? Where else can you find that characteristic? 
  • Spend some time in specific imagery to make the experience more present. How will your schedule look on a typical day in retirement? What is an ideal day? Why? 


  • Consider changing the above questions from “will” to “how will.”
    1. How will I make sure I continue to fill fulfilled and challenged? 
    2. How will I continue to feel relevant and connected through other pursuits or projects?
    3. How will I foster the relationships that are most important to me? 


At Rayhons Financial, we have had the honor of assisting valued friends transition happily into retirement for over 20 years. We would love to hear what is on your mind and support you too. I can’t wait to celebrate with you as you stride confidently into retirement.  If you have questions about how or when to incorporate different investment types into your portfolio, call us at (480) 507-2425 or contact us online. We would be happy to review your personal circumstances.




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