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Using Google Trends for Keyword Research

Using Google Trends for Keyword Research         

Contributions By: Victor Giordano & JW Rayhons



Marketing is a crucial aspect in almost every business, but some tools used for marketing research may be quite expensive. Now imagine, you have a research tool that allows you to find trending topics and highly searched keywords categorized by countries, state, and even city. But it does not stop there, imagine this tool has access to a database that receives approximately 3.8 million searches per minute, and it is completely free to use… that tool is Google Trends.


Where is Google Trends?

A quick search on Google for “Google Trends” will give you the tool’s website or click here to be redirected to its page. 


How it works..

Google Trends allows for researching trends within Google Images, Shopping, News, Web search, and even YouTube; enabling marketing researchers to customize their ads depending on the platform they plan to focus on. Another tools within Google Trends include the location and timeframe of trends. Which may help professionals to find trends around certain locations and events, such as what the trends are in New York City around the time of Super Bowl events. Lastly, another tool within Google Trends is the ability to search by categories. Searching by categories allow to discover a starting point for the marketing research. If unsure about a specific topic, professionals may search topics related to a certain category.


Google Trends make the information fairly simple to understand with explanations about each input/output available on the website. The charts represent the interest in certain keyword (not the number of times it is being searched), varying from 1 to 100. If a keyword results in a 0 interest, that means there is not enough data to identify the trends. On the other hand, if a keyword results in 100, that means it is the peak of interest for that topic.

 Marketing made simple.

Boosting the marketing of your business may not be as costly as you imagine, Google Trends is a great option for finding the best keywords and trends for each search type, as well as finding locations with high interest in trends that favor you. 


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