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Where to Sell Unwanted Goods

Where to Sell Unwanted Goods  

By JW Rayhons & Alexis Stigers 

If you are anything like me, you may be going through some old stuff to get some extra cash for all those holiday gifts. You could ask your friends and family if they want to buy it from you, but probably more often than not, you do not want to ask your family, or they really do not need your stuff. With covid-19 it has become more difficult to accomplish in person shopping and many people have moved to online shopping. Depending what you are trying to sell, there are a few sites that are easy to use and can help with at least some extra cash before you just throw your unwanted goods away.   

Exposure, small fees

A couple of the most common sites include eBay, and amazon. Please note these sites charge a small fee to use their platform, they may be considered to be highly trafficked sites and you may probably have luck with more people seeing your stuff.  


In the same way you can buy almost anything on these sites, you can also sell almost anything on these sites. Amazon, Ebay, and Poshmark to name a few are great places to sell unwanted goods because so many people know the name.

Convenience, no fees 

If you do not want to pay and fees, you could consider other platforms such as Facebook marketplace, craigslist, Offerup or your local neighborhood site. These websites and apps can be a little riskier as you have less people looking at them and often you must meet up with people instead of shipping it from your home. However, there is no fees, and it can often benefit both parties without the hassle of shipping.

Other Neighborhood apps/ College Facebook groups

Check your neighborhood for a place to giver things away. Apartment complex's may have an app where people in the complex posts things to give away. This can be convenient if you want to get rid of bigger things that would be too costly to try and ship.  While it might take a little longer to sell on these kinds of places, it is often more convenient, and you get to keep 100% of what you make. 


Craigslist is a website that allows people in your local area to sell and buy. Craigslist is arguably almost as popular as eBay in terms of people knowing about it, so not only do you get to keep 100% of profits, but chances are you may get pretty good exposure.

OfferUp is a mobile marketplace for local buyers and sellers that you can negotiate prices and pickup times through the in-app messaging service, making it convenient for every user. OfferUp does not charge fees, so what you charge is what you keep.

At the end of the day, if none of these work for you, you can always just donate to someone in need.   

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