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Zero % Doesn’t Mean Zero Fees

Zero % Doesn’t Mean Zero Fees

By JW Rayhons 


Several years ago I went totally blind in my right eye. I didn’t know what was happening, but my sight went completely dark in that eye. After multiple visits from nurses and doctors in the emergency room, the ophthalmologist determined my retina had completely detached. 

The first 3 attendants that came into my room kept asking me to read the eye chart (that I could not see). They were having a hard time understanding why I was telling them that I didn’t see anything. The specialist was able to quickly determine what was happening and what we needed to do about it. He knew I needed retina surgery and he was able to inform me that there was probably only about a 20% chance of getting any of my sight back in that eye even after surgery. 

Imagine being suddenly blind, needing surgery, and only having a 20% chance of seeing again. Would you:

  1. try to find the cheapest eye surgeon available that advertises the lowest fees OR 
  2. would you look for a specialized retina surgeon with strong credibility that you can tell cares more about your health than the fee they charge? 

Like your health; the financial part of your life is important. It is a valuable resource that allows you to create and live the lifestyle you want. And, you will spend roughly 80,000 hours (or more) of your life working for the money you earn. Who will you entrust to help you maximize your money? 

Why all of a sudden within the past few years all the focus on fees? [The conversation is probably more appropriately about trust than fees – but that is a blog for future posting]

  • What am I paying for?
  • Is it worth it? 
  • Do they care more about me than they do about my money? And, still manage my money well!  

Finding the right retina specialist and outstanding surgeon gave me more than 95%+ of my sight back. Pretty darn good based on an original 20% probability.  

Finding a professional advisor with strong credibility that will care more about you than they do about the fee they charge. You will be very thankful you did and you’ll realize it was worth any “fee” you paid.  


There’s more to life than money! The Rayhons Financial family are professionals that want to help you. Connect with us for an initial conversation, call us at (480) 507-2425 or contact us online. We’d love to meet you.      

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